The purpose of this website is not to replace or undermine any of the various websites created by and/or for Jamal - the goal is a simple, user-friendly hub where all past and future King Toad projects are integrated and accessible.  Many of the files found here are also available on other sites - this one being a simplified hub.

Most content will be found under the "music" page.  All previously released King Toad albums are available for streaming & downloading.  There is also a tab for collaboration projects which are streaming only, as the ownership is shared with the co-contributors.  If you are one of those contributors and would like any changes made to the content, please use the contact form to express your wishes and they will be honored.  Same goes for those wishing to have their own content added to (or linked from) this site. 

As of March 2021, I (Mary) have uploaded pretty much EVERYthing, let me know if you stumble upon more or want a past thing linked, I'll probably be glad to do it.


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