1. Exposition

From the recording Hooray for the Bad Guy!

Never intended to be a King Toad song, this was recorded back in 2007 (or something) during a very specific drug-inspired instrumental phase I was going through. The objective was to make various soundscapes, each inspired by and attempting to "sound like" the experience of being under the influence of a particular drug. This track, originally 3-4 min. long, was my premeditated instrumental ode to weed, intended to be titled simply "Cannabis." Only two other "drug studies" songs were conducted/recorded: "Salvia" & "Nitrous Oxide." Neither has seen any form of release to date, though I'm fairly keen on both. (Not the drugs, though. Don't get into the salvia scene, it's just scary nasty. Nitrous is fun for a second, unless you decide to binge til you puke, then it might never be fun again. Or you could die or whatever. Be a hippie, stick to weed.
The instruments played, sampled and programmed for this track: acoustic guitar, violin, hand percussion, I don't remember what else.