1. Run

From the recording Why Am I So Romantic?


Go 1-2-3-4, I fell down but forgot to hit the floor.
I go 5-6-7-8, go middle of the world, go sliding down the grate so
Run. Run from me. You’re not listening.
Run. Run from me. I’m being scary.
I’ve been gone for years,
Sitting on the couch til I finally disappeared.
So who come-a knock-knock-knocking on my door?
I’ll be staring at you til you’re not there anymore so
Run. Run from me, you sad puppy. Well
Run. Run from me. I been waiting many years for this.
I’ll be kicking up clouds of dust, you go:
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”
You can’t breathe in through your nose, man.
But you better stay on your toes, man.
I go 9-10-11-12. I’ll save your little bones & I’ll keep em on a shelf.
I go 13-14-15-16, you’re telling your daddy but you know he can’t get me.
Run. Run from me. Are you listening?
Run. Run from me. I’m being scary.