From the recording iON


Sitting in the road I am Mr. King Toad but that doesn't mean I am free
Squished on the pavement, who is gonna save me?
I wish you would tell me

Robin hits the window, where you think that I'll go?
My head hurts again
Lying in the grass, I will wait for it to pass
Nothing left to defend

Green, underwater
Endless water is all I see
Green, underwater
Towards the bottom of the sea

Crowded little man kneeling on the sand
Oh I'm so profound
Water on the brain I gots to let it drain
So turn me upside down

Sitting in a big house lying on the big couch
Maybe that's the way to be
But the ants are crawling all over it, now I feel insignificant
Quick somebody validate me

Bigger than you I am, buried by the grains of sand
Cannot get past the size
Windows to the soul, shows you what I know
Or shows the bugs in my eyes

Drown in the water
The life it leaves you peacefully
Drown in the water
Soothing water relaxes me