1. The Button

From the recording Reflux


Draw your face, carve your smile, hold your expression on the back of your hands.
Wait in the place we will meet outside.
Put your hands on my head and my heart.
Save my place, wait outside, explain yourself to me, stake your claim to me.
You've got your rocks laid down, 5 miles wide, buried under you and me.
If you had the button we'd be dead by now, 'cause life's an inconvenience you could do without.
Put your hands on my head and my heart.
Throw down all your matchsticks, show me your hands.
Cough up all the ways we swallowed the land.
Choke down all the plans they knew you knew we'd understand well.
Throw down all your matchsticks and show me your hands.
Draw your face and hold your smile, keep your intentions on the back of your eyes, 'cause
I am always waiting for you and I'm always next in line.
You will take what's given and I'll take what's mine.