1. The Letter

From The Recordings Html


When the curtain rises the noise from a projectile is heard
And a cry, "oh my god!"
It falls in a heap on the ground and she follows
Fires in fast succession into its prostrate body
Stretched out flat with its face on the ground

Then the sound of a click, the six chambers are empty
It looks at the revolver and lets it be dropped with its hand
And with a fall of eyes on the body they become enormous
Like beginning out of its head
Like they be getting out of its head

A glance of horror inherits its face
It gives a shiver as it looks at the dead man
And then on and on he is gone life goes on
And then on and on he is gone

Such a melancholy air has settled in on this place forever
Our star has killed her one true love
Or something like it, something hard to get over

Holding murder and adultery grimly at bay
She's still the champ, she can just grin and bear it, the end
All this death and deceit
Something well worth it to see
Bring it with it'd make a swell movie

Presenting Mr. Herbert Marshall as the murdered lover
In the year of our Lord 19 and 29
And then eleven years later make the picture again
Mr. Marshall reborn as the husband this time

But there's a new set of rules, a new code to obey
We got that old time religion setting in on the brain
So tell your lurid, unscrupulous tale once again
But this time it'll be an eye for an eye in the end, Amen

Such a wrong-headed life we just cannot abide
You want to make it make it right, Bette Davis has to die