Just got home from afar
Got no prospects in store
Got no cash to pay the rent
Alabama’s at the park
Wanting for the same things that you are
Everybody’s money’s long past spent

She’ll find you sitting there
You squint your eyes and think
You never will be left behind again

You’re out there on your own
Twenty years from home
And then you’re parachute jumping from a plane

Stuff your scrounging in your hat
Steal a fish from a stray cat
Then off to the airshow where there’s nitwits needed
Roll right off the plane
Nearly lose it to a train
That’s bearing down exactly where you’ve landed

Spend your earnings on a brand new suit
Before you know it you’ll be
Guarding bodies and smuggling booze in

Off to work you go
Shooting down planes from the border patrol
You’ll send them parachute jumping from a plane
And with Alabama in tow
You both serve the devil you know
Or you’re back out there on the corner in the rain

You want the lightning
Not the thunder
You’re scared to move because you might go under
Where were you when you woke up today
Or did you wake up today?

And when you hear the final call
They need someone to take that fall
But you said you would never be that way again