King Toad & Friends, AKA the band Flypaper

Jamal River as King Toad

Al Angel as Tomatoman

Mark Hansen as Johnny Handsome

Live on The Something Brothers' Show

KRUI 89.7FM, radio station of the University of Iowa

Neil Campbell and Michael Cassady as The Something Brothers

The Something Brothers' final show, December 2000.

King Toad & Friends - Any Given Situation (Live at KRUI)

Neil and Michael attempt to cajole Brad Smith into expressing enthusiasm for the band.
Neil and Michael: Talk
Brad: Scream
Mark: Talk
Jamal: British Accent

"Any Given Situation"

Jamal: Guitar and Sing
Al: Guitar
Mark: Hand drum

Any Given Situation is from the album "How to Decompose"


So what do you want?
Well I don't know how to put it
And I don't have the endurance
To keep this up forever
Well I don't know if it would have made a difference
These fantasies just bring me down
It's time you found you're smiling
Through broken bones and chills
This time is mine
In any given situation
Smile through the car crash or break in my sleep
The ghouls can find you anywhere
But not without an invitation
You know just what to do but you don't know how to do it
You know just what it is but you don't know what it means
And I don't know if it would have made a difference
Just go on about your business