King Toad & Friends, AKA the band Flypaper

Jamal River as King Toad

Al Angel as Tomatoman

Mark Hansen as Johnny Handsome

Live on The Something Brothers' Show

KRUI 89.7FM, radio station of the University of Iowa

Neil Campbell and Michael Cassady as The Something Brothers

The Something Brothers' final show, December 2000.

King Toad & Friends - Fearless Parts1 & 2 (Live at KRUI)


Rows of hexagons, walls thinner than thin
Stacked by the hundreds, the perfect functional form
Three pounds are masticated, gathered one drop at a time
And then assimilated, the process leaves you in awe
My self I'm not impressed, it means nothing to me
They cannot stop me now, I've come too far to turn back
My face feels hot, I'm high on my adrenaline
My muscles tense, my heart pounds in my ears
This is my hand
This is my call
This is my own power
I'm not afraid of you
Rows of hexagons crashing in on themselves
Two million eyes turn their attention towards me
I stand my ground, my work is not done yet
I fire again, I hit my target dead on
Venom like a snake's, complex proteins
Two spears inserted, protruding out from their sheath
Their barbs hold fast, their poison spreads through my stream
They're ripped in two, they cannot pull out from me
Venom like a snake's, pain spreads through my arms
I must work quick, I cannot take too much more
Just one more hit, they'll have to start up from scratch
Their whole world has been crushed by my hand, by my hand