King Toad & Friends, AKA the band Flypaper

Jamal River as King Toad

Al Angel as Tomatoman

Mark Hansen as Johnny Handsome

Live on The Something Brothers' Show

KRUI 89.7FM, radio station of the University of Iowa

Neil Campbell and Michael Cassady as The Something Brothers

The Something Brothers' final show, December 2000.

King Toad & Friends - Insatiable (Live at KRUI)

Neil interrupts a cd with a fart sound; Michael asks Jamal about the next song.

Jamal: Guitar and Sing
Al: Guitar
Mark: Hand drum


Johnny Boy make me something, no cheese and fluff
I want something I can sink my teeth into
Can't you see my spine
Poking through my back
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Now I wonder why I bothered to rehearse
This is good but not as good as some things
Then again, I'm hard to please
Can't you see my ribs
Poking through my chest
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
I'll sleep but let me have a little something 1st
Johnny Boy make me something light
I feel a little off this evening
I can see... ugh
OK I'll shut the fuck up
Saturday, Monday, blah blah
I feel sick but I am still not full